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Find out the story behind RUFF CYCLES



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is RUFF CYCLES?

    Ruff Cycles is a German-based bicycle company known for its unique eBikes and bicycle components. We specialize in designing and manufacturing bikes with a retro-inspired aesthetic, often incorporating elements of classic motorcycle design and 70'ies styled elements into their bicycle frames. Ruff Cycles offers a range of products including eBikes and accessories, catering to enthusiasts looking for distinctive and high-quality bikes. Currently we have four eBikes Models which are named Lil’Buddy, Lil’Missy, Bigge and The Ruffian.

  • Is there a Showroom?

    We invite you to visit our esteemed showroom located in Regensburg at your convenience. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore our extensive collection of bicycles firsthand, including the option to take test rides. Our showroom showcases a diverse array of models and color options, ensuring that you can make an informed selection that aligns perfectly with your preferences.

  • What payments are offered by RUFF CYCLES?

    At the moment we offer the possibility to pay with the following payment methods:
    - Bank Transfer
    - Paypal
    - Creditcard (Payment processor: Paypal, no Account needed)
    - Debit (Payment processor: Paypal, no Account needed)
    - Invoice (Payment processor: Paypal, no Account needed)
    - easyCredit Financing Plan (only for german customers)

    If you have further questions, please contact us directly.

  • Does RUFF CYCLES offer Bike Leasing Solutions?

    We have established partnerships with leading German bike leasing firms, including JobRad, BusinessBike, BikeLeasing, and Deutsche Dienstrad. Should you wish to explore the option of leasing a RUFF CYCLES bike through any of these providers, we kindly invite you to contact us via email at for further assistance and guidance.


  • What is the difference between Hub and Derailleur Gears?

    A derailleur gear system offers excellent efficiency and, with multiple chainrings at the front, provides a wide range of gear ratios with closely spaced gears. However, these benefits come at the cost of increased wear, susceptibility to dirt, and the absence of a coaster brake. In contrast, a hub gear system is low-maintenance, can be shifted while stationary. However, it cannot be shifted under load, and the chain may require occasional tensioning.

    The Lil’Buddy and Lil’Missy are equipped with a derailleur gear system while the Ruffian and Biggie are equipped with an enviolo hub with a stepless shifting systems.

  • Is there anything I can service myself on my bike?

    You should regularly check your tire pressure. As a rule of thumb, at least once a month. The appropriate operating pressure for you can be found in the manual of your specific bicycle model. It depends on your weight, riding style, and tire size. Heavier riders should inflate a bit more, while lighter ones can pump a bit less. You should also clean and oil the chain occasionally. Remember: less is more! Excess oil will only spread on the bike and its surroundings without providing any additional benefits.

    Lastly, you can check the brake pads and regularly tighten the screws. Please refer to the torque table in the manual of your bicycle model.

  • How often should I service my eBike?

    We suggest to have a service 6 months or 500km after the bike was bought and from then a yearly inspection or every 1.000 km.

    This is important to ensure operational and traffic safety and to prevent wear-related damage. By the way, modern bicycles are indeed high-tech products and require knowledgeable hands and specialized tools. For this reason there are a lot of specialized bike mechanics who are willing to do the service.

  • Where can I find bargains?

    We always offer some bargains, which include test vehicles, display models, or discontinued models that we sell at reduced prices. These models are, of course, inspected by our trained bicycle mechanics before sale.
    You can find an over view here:
    Or you can contact our sales team at: or by phone at +49-941-46396720 


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sac de cadre gratuit

Pour toutes les précommandes du Lil’Buddy EDGE
jusqu’au 31 mars 2024.
Sac de cadre gratuit (d’une valeur de 89,95 €).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


For all Lil’Buddy EDGE pre-orders until March 31st, 2024.
Free frame bag (worth € 89,95).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


Für alle Lil’Buddy EDGE Vorbestellungen bis 31.03.2024.
Kostenlose Rahmentasche (Wert € 89,95).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l

Shipping Fees

We currently offer free shipping to consumers in

  • Germany (except Islands)
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • France (except Islands)
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands (except Islands)
  • Poland
  • Slovakia

€ 59,- are charged to Denmark and Spain (except Balearic & Canary islands).

If you are interested in getting it shipped to an other country please contact our sales team.