RUFF CYCLES @ OMR Event in Hamburg
RUFF CYCLES @ OMR Festival 2022


RUFF CYCLES @ OMR Festival 2022

Standing out?

We sure know about that! Our motto “sicker than your average” not only applies to our bike designs far off the mainstream. We also like to stir up events as underdogs. One good example is our appearance at this year’s “Online Marketing Rockstars” trade fair, or “OMR” for short, the largest marketing festival in Europe with incredible 70,000 visitors over 2 days!

With well-known names like Audi, Porsche, Google, Facebook, TikTok or Douglas among the 500 exhibitors, you wouldn’t expect a bicycle manufacturer here at first glance. On the other hand, OMR is not a classic marketing event, but brings the rock star and festival factor into the business through keynote speakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Ashton Kutcher or performances by Deichkind, Sido, Marteria, Kraftwerk, Rin, Will.I.Am and many, many more.

RUFF CYCLES @ OMR Festival in Hamburg
RUFF CYCLES @ OMR Festival in Hamburg

We wanted to ...

… contribute to this event as a scene-conscious lifestyle & mobility brand that ties in with hip-hop culture, California street style and a fashionable, young target group, therefore we don’t think our brand was out of place at all. After all, it’s not just the casual, chill atmosphere of the show that fits our attitude. Core themes such as internet presence, networking on social media and web marketing also are important building blocks of our success. The same goes for the approach of doing your own thing off the beaten track. And anyway: cool trade fair, cool people, cool atmosphere… let’s go there!

As a start, we made ourselves comfortable: inside our fair container we created a living room flair with a chill couch, cool sounds from the ghetto blaster and cozy decorations depicting iconic scenes of hip hop history, but first of all we cracked a few cold beers among friends. 

The inviting, laid-back ambience and the eye-catching bikes attracted a lot of attention and many people came to our container to get to know us and the bikes.

We also wanted to show how our in-house approach and our design and customization skills can capture and represent the rockstar spirit of the event. To do this, we rolled up with especially designed Lil’Buddies in wicked black paint and a beefy look displaying the trade show’s logo. The bikes were not only eye-catchers, but also our organizational contribution to the event, serving as vehicle for the trade fair employees, so they could also experience the fun of riding them.

Some Impressions

RUFF CYCLES OMR Unleash the beast

Unleash the beast.

Our “Unleash the Beast” booth provided even more interaction, where a unique The Ruffian, passionately hand-painted by our designer Nikola, was up for grabs. The design with the octopus on the tank matches the location of the show and drew inspiration from the high north coast and the stormy sea. To win, visitors had to untangle a nasty chain knot and free the “Ruffian Beast” from it. 

We soon realized that our daring calculation worked out perfectly. At the OMR we met alternative, individualist people who swim against the current, hipsters, free spirits and makers, whom we would have missed at most other conventional bike fairs. Many interesting conversations and acquaintances were established and it was lots of fun for the visitors and us!

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RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


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RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


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RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l

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