RUFF CYCLES X L'Original Collaboration Logo

When it comes to first-class sneakers the store...

... L'Original in Namur, Belgium, is the ideal place to go.

Not only does it deliver treats to the eye with its nicely presented shoe highlights, but with its playlist and roots in the hip hop and breakdance scene, it makes a clear commitment to the same influences and roots that set the tone for our RUFF CYCLES, too. This is not only where the finest designs change hands, there is an understanding of hip hop culture flowing from every corner, every shelf, every design, sneakers and speakers alike, the whole atmosphere of the store. So it’s no wonder that L’Original has become a meeting place and magnet for the subculture, where not only fans but also famous names from the French-speaking rap and sports scene come and go.

WOW, what a sight! All those hot, limited, latest trend looks, the styles, the timeless classic retro elements individually reinterpreted, from the most coveted brands and designers, massive, all that is lined up here on these shelves.

RUFF CYCLES X L'Original Collaboration

We wanted to memorialize this connection with a collaboration between RUFF CYCLES and L’Original by dedicating something as exclusive, individual, special and cool to the store as their shoes: our special Lil’Buddy design, limited to 45 pieces worldwide. To make the bike a fitting tribute to the recognition and interconnection of the L’Original crew in the hip hop scene, rapper, producer and artist Oxmo Puccino was included in the feature. In the Parisian rap scene, he stands for the courage of an idiosyncratic style and lyrics that are deep and thoughtful. In addition, he also appears in front of the camera as an actor, demonstrating exactly the sense of individuality and aesthetics that we place so much value on in our designs.

RUFF CYCLES X L'Original Collaboration

Similary, ...

… artist, photographer and curator Paps Touré takes our collab to a higher level with his avant-garde approach and sense of the trends and streams of the art world. But in order to not leave out the Ruff element in HipHop, Vice European Champion in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Patrick “Mugiwara” Issa Habiro brings his dose of hardcore THUG image into play.

The result is a unique edition of our Lil’Buddy, which relies on stylishly subtle, yet low-key aggressive matte olive for frame color, but as a contrast, flaunts a beefy, nasty camouflage pattern in a sweet design on the steering fork.
Pedals in a strikingly shiny chrome look provide a flashy contrast to the muted colors, so they have a signal effect and draw the eye to the rider’s shoes.

The logo of L’Original with its oldschool tattoo style motif was placed on the front panel, so that everyone knows this bike has come to conquer the streets.
The equipment for it can be easily accommodated in the large frame bag, which we have also customized with an embroidered logo. Seat and handlebar grips in earth-colored leather pick up the motif of camouflage colors further, while neon-orange valve caps visually emphasize the rotation of the wheels when driving.

With this combo, the different movements, phases and influences in hip hop were captured by those involved in the collaboration so well, it’s almost like the feeling of a visit to the L’Original store.




Oxmo Puccino

sac de cadre gratuit

Pour toutes les précommandes du Lil’Buddy EDGE
jusqu’au 31 mars 2024.
Sac de cadre gratuit (d’une valeur de 89,95 €).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


For all Lil’Buddy EDGE pre-orders until March 31st, 2024.
Free frame bag (worth € 89,95).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


Für alle Lil’Buddy EDGE Vorbestellungen bis 31.03.2024.
Kostenlose Rahmentasche (Wert € 89,95).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l

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