RUFF CYCLES X BSTN Collaboration
RUFF CYCLES x BSTN Collaboration Background

Fresh on these Streets Like a Brand New Pair of Sneakers

To us, a casual ride ...

… through town requires not just a cool bike – the matching outfit including sneakers should not be missing either! And so a stylish sneaker store like BSTN in Munich does what only few can: getting us to get off our beloved, handmade Ruff Cycles. Because here at BSTN, the cruising lifestyle mentality we love is well understood and embodied. It’s about more than just looking cool. The shared love for street style, hip hop and that specific attitude of doing your own, completely new thing while not losing touch with the oldschool roots is something they live here, so it creates a feeling of “home” for us. The crew can proudly look back on collabs with Outkast, Lacoste, Jerome Boateng, the NBA and Adidas. Consequently, it’s no wonder that BSTN has become one of THE premium sneaker stores in Europe and was crowned exclusive Nike Ambassador Partner.
In keeping with the occasion, Nike has commissioned them with the exclusive re-release of the iconic 2006 Air Jordan IV “Lightning” basketball sneaker for Germany. To generate appropriate attention for this big event, the BSTN crew, as Nike’s ambassadors in Germany, invited us from Ruff Cycles over for a collab. Thanks to our in-house production, we are exactly the right guys to bring individual, trendy custom designs onto the road, so we loved the idea right away.

Taking the approach of basing a bike look on the design motifs of the Nike Air Jordan IV “Lightning” hit just our wavelength. Sending the bikes on the road as delivery vehicles for Dr. Drooly, Munich’s scene address for sustainable, vegan pizzas, fits our urban, emission-free bikes perfectly.

RUFF CYCLES X BSTN Collaboration

The brands involved are “Bavarian Made” and manage to stand out thanks to their street culture mentality and love for their products. And something else unites them: they put a sparkle into the eyes (and mouth corners) of customers as soon as they get their hands on their highly sought-after boxes. It was under these influences that the Lil’Buddy model, limited to five pieces worldwide, was created, successfully uniting the common ground of four actually separate brands and their different métiers to a common visual denominator.

Like all of our bikes, it is produced in-house with attention to detail and unique design, making it an individual statement on Munich’s streets. Besides the eye-catching yellow color of the sneakers and the Dr. Drooly uniforms, we also picked up the white lightning symbol of the shoes, because it suits the electrically powered bike just perfectly. The logos and decals on the frame harmonize in white lettering with black contours, reflecting the color palette just like the whitewall tires do. The mesh application of the sneakers with their basketball heritage inspired us to create a basketball holder with mesh for the front, which also carries pizza boxes to their destination in style.

RUFF CYCLES X BSTN Collaboration

Wie alle unsere Bikes...

… In combination with the Air Jordan IV “Lightning” sneakers from BSTN and the yellow outfits from Dr. Drooly, the deliveries are sure to catch some attention. And we sure know how to use it: true to BSTN’s motto “La Famiglia Prima Di Tutto”, the decision was made to give something back to the local community by collecting donations for a local orphanage. Boasting the new look during a crew ride, the guys from Dr. Drooly donated their delicious pizzas and delivered them to the spot on Ruff Cycles’ brand new bikes, wearing the brand new sneakers!

RUFF CYCLES X BSTN Collaboration

sac de cadre gratuit

Pour toutes les précommandes du Lil’Buddy EDGE
jusqu’au 31 mars 2024.
Sac de cadre gratuit (d’une valeur de 89,95 €).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


For all Lil’Buddy EDGE pre-orders until March 31st, 2024.
Free frame bag (worth € 89,95).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


Für alle Lil’Buddy EDGE Vorbestellungen bis 31.03.2024.
Kostenlose Rahmentasche (Wert € 89,95).

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l

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