Electrifying Road Adventures

The Ruffian – Electrifiying Road Adventures

Cruise the streets in the style of motorbikes with THE RUFFIAN, our dynamic and powerful eBike.
Make the streets your stage and be sure to catch the attention of everyone around you!

A high-performance eBike for real men, who don‘t want to make any compromises when it comes to style and quality,
with the added benefit of riding a zero-emissions vehicle!


Outstanding Quality! The Ruffians are handcrafted, designed, and built in good old Germany.
Our passion is shared through the bikes we build, and we invite everyone to experience our craftsmanship.

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive

A breathtaking design, powered by the strongest BOSCH Drive Unit: The Performance CX. Specifically engineered for mountain bikes, this drive unit offers up to an impressive 75Nm. You will always receive the required power, no matter if Tour or Turbo. It supports up to 300% perfectly delivered with incredible dynamism and unique grip to best possible support your ride.

The improved start-up behavior will make sure you to get a perfect start. With this progressive motor support, it automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style.

Bosch Performance Line CX Engine for the Ruffian

Handcrafted and welded the Ruffian

Powdercoated Aluminium Frame AI 7020

Our passion is shared through the bikes we build, and we invite everyone to experience our craftsmanship. THE RUFFIAN is based on a high-quality aluminum eBike frame, combined with a resistant powder coating. The frames are entirely welded by hand by specially certified welders.

Bosch Performance PowerPack 500Wh

Our Ruffians are equipped with the most modern eBike batteries on the market, an efficient energy provider with staying power. The most powerful BOSCH Performance PowerPack (500Wh) of THE RUFFIAN gives you a range of up to 90km, depending on the driving mode and rider. In only 4.5 hours, the system is fully recharged, while needing around 2 hours for 50%.

The batteries combine an impressive mileage performance with a long lifetime and low weight with an ergonomic design and simple handling. All high-quality lithium-ion batteries are provided with a Battery Management System, which recognizes potential sources of error and protects the cells from overload.

NuVinci Hub for the Ruffian

NuVinci Nfinity N330 Hub – Stepless Shifting

The unique N330 gear hub allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Just twist the shifter slightly on the handlebar and the gear ratio is changed to any ratio within its range. This is easy to do, no matter if you are freewheeling, pedaling under load or waiting at a stoplight.

Ruff Cycles Z-Bar

Not only does the RUFF CYCLES Z-Bar and the BOSCH Intuvia Display fit perfectly together, we have also undergone several stress tests to ensure the quality is high enough to match the complete RUFFIAN. Built from CrMo we made sure its high quality and durable enough to last all cruises with your eBike.

Ruff Cycles LED Lights

Nothing makes as great impact riding your eBike by night than having bright lights. Our RUFFIANS are all equipped with LED Lights which keeps the electricity consumption as low as possible but also lightens the surrounding area. One touch on the BOSCH Intuvia Display brightens up the night.

Ruff Cycles Ruffian Z-Bar
The Ruffian Components

Ruffian Components

Every detail on THE RUFFIAN has been scrutinized and taken care to perfectly implement this in the relationship of the high-quality terms we have for THE RUFFIAN.
For example the, durable and light-weight RUFF CYCLES Ruffer V2.0 Tires.
The Leather Cruiser Saddle with Spring support to keep the weight balance perfect for longer rides.
The Aluminium double walled and powder coated rims.
The Ruffian Fork which was specially constructed and built for THE RUFFIAN to make no compromises on the quality we need.
All these parts make an exceptional eBike – THE RUFFIAN.

The Ruffian Specifications

FramePowdercoated aluminum frame AI 7020Rear LightLED light
ForkRuff Cycles aluminum bridges with CrMo legsBrakeShimano Deore hydraulic
Handle BarRuff Cycles Z-Dragbar (CrMo)HubNuVinci Nfinity N330 hub with stepless shifting
DriveBosch Performance CX 250W (75Nm)WheelsDouble-wall aluminum 26“ 65mm
BatteryBosch Performance PowerPack 500WhTiresRuffer V2 Tires 26“ x 3.0“
Max. Speed25km/h Pedelec. No license required.
US 20mph / CAN 32km/h
Dimensions208 x 98 x 78 cm /
6’10” x 3’2″ x 2’7″
SaddleLeather cruiser saddleWeight33kg / 73 lbs
Front LightLED headlight

Get to know The Ruffian

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Ruff Cycles Ruffian Hot Spots

Hydraulic Disc Brakes by
Shimano Deore


Leather Cruiser


Powdercoated Aluminum
Frame AI 7020


Bosch Performance PowerPack
Battery 500Wh integrated in
the Tank


Ruff Cycles Z-Dragbar


26“ 65mm wheels
with RUFFER V2 Tires


Strongest Bosch drive
Performance CX with
250W (75 Nm)


Ruff Cycles LED Headlight


Ruff Cycles LED Rearlight


Knog OI Bell


Horizontal adjustable Saddle


NuVinci N330 Hub
with stepless Shifting


Ruff Cycles Aluminim Bridges
with CrMo Legs


Double-Wall Aluminum
26″ 65mm Rims

Upgrade your Ruffian!

The Ruffian Leather Saddlebags

The Ruffian – Handcrafted Saddlebags

Handmade with precision. This saddle bag is specially created for the Ruffian. It fits on the chain stays and
retraces the contour of the Ruffian Line. This way it blends in with the complete Ruffian to not only look
gorgeous but also stays practical to fit larger items like notebooks and other stuff.

Available in brown and black!

The Ruffian Gates Carbon Drive

The Ruffian – Gates Carbon Drive

Clean, smooth & strong – Gates Carbon Drive belts are designed to meet the demands of all cyclists. Composed of a weather-resistant polyurethane exterior, the advanced high-performance belt features strong, stretch-free carbon fiber tensile cords.

epowered Bosch Logo

We have teamed up with internationally known market leader for eBike drives, Bosch.
German quality united!

Ruffian in the Press!

Welt online on the Ruffian

Retro-Pedelec The Ruffian

Aus Bayern? Jepp! Auch wenn dieses Pedelec uramerikanisch daherkommt, stammt es in Wirklichkeit aus einer in Regensburg ansässigen Chopper-Manufaktur. E in zum Chopper oder Cruiser umgebautes Fahrrad mag cool aussehen, doch oft ist es anstrengend, solche Konstruktionen zu fahren. Mit dem The Ruffian genannten Cruiser-Modell des deutschen Herstellers Ruff Cycles kann es ruhig auch deutlich weiter als bis zur nächsten Eisdiele gehen. Das besonders auffällige, durchgestylte Rad bietet nämlich als entscheidenden Vorteil einen Elektroantrieb.. on The Ruffian


It would seem that the electric bike market is a very crowded space these days. Every time you turn around there’s another company popping up with their latest entry into the e-bike arena. Heck, there’s even a website out there devoted strictly to reviewing e-bikes and they’ve covered hundreds of models…

Designboom on The Ruffian

ruff cycles’ ruffian electric bike echoes motorcycle style from 1900s

with aesthetics like the first pioneering motorcycles of the early 1900s, ruff cycles’ ‘ruffian’ is a retro-inspired electric bicycle where riders can travel in a style more like that of motorbikes than typical peddle bikes. powered by the 500 Wh bosch drive performance CX, it can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) to help propel users up steep inclines or along for city and countryside cruises. furthermore, it delivers this power and dynamics whilst being emission free.

Interesting Engineering on THE RUFFIAN

This High Performance E-Bike Looks and Feels Like a Vintage Chopper

Sure, e-bikes are practical. They make longer distance transportation a bit easier than normal bikes while using less fuel than a car. They’re normally sleek and lightweight-looking to emphasize the light weight of the bike frames. Often times, an e-bike can look sporty and cute, but very few on the market can be labeled “tough.”…

Treehugger on The Ruffian

Ruff Cycles’ retro Ruffian e-bike is not just for ‘real men’

It is quite a sweet ride, but I’d venture to say that any ‘real human’ would enjoy cruising around on the Ruffian.
In the transition to electric mobility, we’re starting to see e-bikes of all stripes hit the market, some of which are affordable yet effective, others which cost a bit more but are packed with features, and yet still others that offer the more affluent buyer a truly unique look and feel for their electric bicycle.

Test ride the Ruffian

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You will then be contacted for a test ride with the Ruffian!

Ruffian Testimonials

Ich habe noch keinen (in Zahlen: 0) gefunden, der beim Anblick des Rades nicht steil gegangen ist. Sogar die 79jährige Nachbarin meiner Mutter war nicht mehr zu beruhigen, so begeistert war sie. Demnächst erscheint auch ein Artikel in der Lokalzeitung, weil der Redaktionsleiter mein Rad geshen hat und danach ebenfalls nicht mehr zu beruhigen war… Es herrscht rege Begeisterung und auch mein Fahrradhändler hat schon reichlich Feedback erhalten.

A ride with the Ruffian is just one big joy. From the moment you “take off” in first gear through the easy up-shifting at 7th gear; it continues to give you the power you can expect from the Bosch Performance CX motor. With the 75Nm of torque, hills are never a problem. It is the big boys favorite toy!

Ich bin total zufrieden und bin jetzt schon über 1000 km mit dem Fahrrad gefahren. Das Fahrrad ist ein “Hingucker” – ich werde reihenweise darauf angesprochen. Es macht total viel Spaß und ich war auch schon in Falkenstein und zurück mit einer Batterieladung.

Der Style des “The Ruffian” zog Jedermanns/frau Blicke auf sich und macht uns zu stolzen Besitzern dieser einzigartigen e-Cruisers. Hier stimmt die Qualität, beginnend von der Sympathie gewinnenden Beratung samt Probe-
fahrt, einer raschen Zustellung in sicherer Verpackung bis hin zu den bestens gefertigten “The Ruffian” Wir werden jede “Ruffian-Tour” absolut genießen.

First of all, The Ruffian is a real eye catcher! You have to get used to have all the heads turning around, looking at you while you driving through the streets. The Ruffian has an incredible handling because most of the weight is located down in the center of the bike. The motor has an amazing torque that gives you an immediate boost on flat roads as well as on the steepest hills. Even with the weight of this bike, you can stop anytime you want thanks to the powerful brakes. The Ruffian is an ultimate e-Bike that combines style, look, handling and speed.

Ich bin wirklich voll begeistert von meinem Ruffian. Ein wirklich klasse Fahrgefühl. Bin so gut wie jeden Tag mit dem Rad unterwegs. Klasse Teil habt Ihr da gebaut. Gefallen tut mir so gut wie alles an dem Rad. Die Form mit dem langen Radstand und dem tiefen Rahmen. Der große Frontscheinwerfer und der breite Rahmen. Dieser klasse Old School Look.

Where to buy

THE RUFFIAN is now available through our worldwide dealer network or contact us directly. Feel free to contact the Dealers for local support, test-rides, purchases and other questions. They can’t wait to show you this timeless machine!

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