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You already belong to the fortunate group of RUFF CYCLES eBike owners?
Then register your eBike with us. It provides us a record of the serial number of your eBike in the event of a warranty case and can help us to get in touch with you with important product information and updates.

As a thank you, for the first-time registration of your eBike you will get a 20% Voucher* for our Online-Store!
* Voucher is only valid for 3 months and only for consumer, not for Dealers. The voucher is only valid for Accessories and Merchandise, not for eBikes and other Bikes!


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Ruffian: You can find the Serial Number of your Ruffian on the plate beneath the Bosch Engine stamped on the left side.
Lil’Buddy: The serial number is on the inside of the engine bracket, in front of the engine.

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