How can I prolong the life of my battery?

The battery is a wearing part, as it ages over time or at an accelerated rate due to use. The life of the battery depends on the following factors:

High power demands on the motor (strong pedalling, high assistance levels) reduce the service life of the battery.

Ambient temperature during storage
Temperatures above 30°C or parking the pedelec with battery in the blazing sun will reduce the life of the battery.
sun will reduce the service life of the battery. Storage at 0 to 20°C increases the service life.

State of charge during storage
The longest service life can be achieved if the battery is stored with a state of charge of approx. 60%. If, on the other hand, the battery is stored completely full or empty, the service life is reduced. If you do not intend to use your pedelec for a longer period of time (> 1 month), make sure that the battery is charged to about 60%, which corresponds to 3 LEDs on the display. Check the charge level after 3 months. If only one LED of the charge level indicator is still lit, then charge the battery again to about 60%.

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Updated on May 10, 2023