eBike THE RUFFIAN Indian Red – Bosch CX

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The Daddy Of All Ebikes. If low-key is not your key, this is your eBike of choice. Unrivaled look, impeccable performance and true love in every detail. The Ruffian is equipped with the premium motor of Bosch, pushing you forward with 85 Nm torque.
Experience a smooth ride with the combination of the stepless shifting of Enviolo and the Gates carbon drive.

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Everybody Needs A Lil’Buddy

A strong personality with the distinctive 70ies vibe. 
The perfect companion for your day by day adventures called LIFE.

RUFF CYCLES eBike Lil’Buddy
RUFF CYCLES eBike Lil’Buddy


Handcrafted For You

With a unique powdercoated and handbuilt frame for steezy people from 150 to 195cm.


Express Your Personality

Make the Lil’Buddy one of a kind, just like you. Choose your favorite color and customize it with our wide range of accessories.

RUFF CYCLES eBike Lil’Buddy
RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy eBike Bosch Engine


Most Reliable Ebike System

We have partnered up with Bosch eBike Systems to provide you with a safe, reliable and maintenance-free experience.

Choose between the Active Line version with 300Wh battery vs Performance CX with 500Wh battery.

RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy eBike Bosch PowerPack


  • eBike Frame

    Steel Frame with powder coating

  • Bosch Drive Unit

    Active Line with 40 Nm or Performance Line CX with 85 Nm

  • Battery Pack

    Bosch BatteryPack with 300 Wh or 500 Wh

  • Pedal Assist

    Max. Pedal Assist Speed of 25 km/h

  • Brakes

    Hydraulic Discbrakes

  • Shifting System

    7-gear Derailleur Shifting System

  • Wheels

    20" 100mm double walled aluminium wheels

  • Tires

    Tyron tires 20" x 4.0 in all black

  • Weight

    25 kg

  • Dimension

    165 x 75 x 110 cm

Make It Uncomparable

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