RuffStar 2013 - Voting


The Top Ten RuffStar Nominees for 2013 have been found. Heres a list of the Top Ten Ruff Bikes for which you can vote.
To give a bike your Vote just click on the link below which goes to our Facebook Ruff Cycles Page and you can like that image.

Nominee 1: Torsten Fassbender


Nominee 2: Tibor Balogh


Nominee 3: Bostian Pugelj


Nominee 4: Franz-Josef Terhoeven


Nominee 5: Rainer Kurzweil


Nominee 6: Carsten Furch


Nominee 7: Asmo Villak


Nominee 8: Julian Trippe


Nominee 9: Michael Morris


Nominee 10: Raul Cevallos