Ruff Cycles The Ruffian Cap - Black

Cap The Ruffian - Ruff Cycles

Cap The Ruffian - Ruff Cycles

Not only for Ruffian owners but also for The Ruffian Enthusiast and Fans. This high quality La'Clas Cap is embroidered with the Ruffian Logo in White with a Black outline on the Front. The Side has the La'Clas Patch on it and a Ruff Cycles Logo on the back next to the Snap-Back.
The Brim is made of three layers, the top layer is made out of 100% Cotton, a white sheet in between and the underneath is made from black leather.

On the inside we have a moisture absorbing sweatband which is perfect on long roll outs in summer and the tapping branded with our Slogan "Handcrafted in Germany. As a special treat we lined the inside of the Cap with white satin with the Ruffian Logos on them. The eylets are made from metal, painted in black.

Made from 100% Cotton.

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100% Cotton
Cap Color
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