Lil’Buddy Core

Encore with the Lil’Buddy

The Lil’Buddy is our homage to the crazy bicycles and minibikes of the seventies, that were widely popular due to their extreme level of fun. Get close to this bike, its your best friend, homie and bro - all in one! It does not judge you, no matter if you take it offroad, to the urban city or on a date.

For the development of this bike, we have partnered up with no other than Aaron Bethlenfalvy. Aaron has been designing bicycles since 1994 and was the former Global Vice President of Design for brands like GT, Cannondale, Schwinn, Nirve, Felt and Mongoose.

Our Lil’Buddy Core is made for the strong driver in you, no eBike engine and battery, just your pure muscle strength.

  1. Bicycle Lil'Buddy Core - Orange
    * € 1,169.03
  2. Bicycle Lil'Buddy Core - Blue
    * € 1,169.03
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