Seat Post (31.8mm) - CP/Chrome

Seat Post CrMo (31,8mm) CP - Ruff Cycles

Seat Post CrMo (31,8mm) CP - Ruff Cycles

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Have a Seat. This seat post can be use for any hooligan battles or for a nice ride threw the country side on your  bike. Depending on usage its a 300mm long seat post with a minimum insertion of 75mm.
Made out of steel it will knock out any Hooligan or hold higher weights on your bike.

Built from CroMo Steel also known as chromoly steel it has an excellent strenght with a great weight ratio. So its stronger and harder than just regular any steel.

CP / Chrome
Length: 300 mm, Ø Top: 21mm, Ø Bottom: 31,8mm
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