Ruff Cycles Seat Post (31.8mm) - Black

Seat Post 200mm (31,8mm) Black - Ruff Cycles

Seat Post 200mm (31,8mm) Black - Ruff Cycles

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The ultimate support for your saddle! A tight grip on the saddle and it keeps it close and sheltered just like a mum would do to her newborn baby. The Length from the saddle post to the clamp is 200mm and the width for the two seat rails are 45 mm. The offset is 17-19mm.

To ensure a superior strength and extreme light weight, we used a high quality aluminium series. The saddle can be fixed with one screw to the seat post and get adjusted with a quick turn of the screw.

220 x 55 x 50 mm / 31.8mm Diameter
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