Ruff Cycles engineers quality, durable and reliable eBike and custom bike frames. After more than a decade of experience in the bicycle frame business, we are very confident about our products.


In order to find out which frames fits your needs or if you need any certain values to check if it will fit your custom bike project you can just check this page to see all frames compared to each other.


Want your frame powder coated in one of 30 extraordinary colors? Just choose the frame you like and simply add the color you prefer too it.

  1. Frame Dean V3.0 - Ruff Cycles
    * € 199.95
  2. Frame Tango V3.0 - Ruff Cycles
    * € 199.95
  3. Frame Smyinz V3.0 - Ruff Cycles
    * € 199.95
    Out of stock
  4. Frame Smyinz V4.0 - Ruff Cycles
    * € 199.95
  5. Frame Porucho V4.0 - Ruff Cycles
    * € 199.95
  6. Frame Esco V5.0 - Ruff Cycles
    * € 199.95
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