Project 346 - playing Ruff

Project 346 - playing Ruff!

The Ruff family just grew bigger as from 2016 on, Amsterdam-based Project 346 will be part of Ruff Cycles.
We are thrilled to welcome this awesome brand together with popular items such as the Basman and will carry on the the identity and vision of Project 346.

Think Bikes!

The Amsterdam bicycle brand PROJECT 346 was born in 2006 out of passion for cycling and design. Inspired by the heritage from the past, we aim to translate proven classics into modern design. Characteristic of a PROJECT 346 design is the placement of the crank in the belly of the frame. The inspiration for this position of the motor comes from the old board track racers. Instead of using the motor to go forward, the human body becomes the engine. Take your cruiser for a spin around the city or for a long pleasant trip outdoors and discover how comfortable and relaxed cycling can be!
Project 345 - Basman

Project 345 - Think Bikes

PROJECT 346 had a heavy influence how the worldwide custom bicycle scene has evolved over the last decade. Nowadays you can find the Basman and the PROJECT 346 cruisers everywhere in the world.

The name PROJECT 346 derived from “working on a project at The Chopperdome (house number 346)”. The project at number 346 therefore became the brand PROJECT 346.

Bring now the style of the streets of Amsterdam to your neighbourhood!

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