Zinc dust primer

Ruff Cycles Zinc Dust Base Primer

Ruff Cycles Zinc Dust Base Primer

As pimer we use a special coating on "zinc dust base" which does not contain any diluting agents or other pigment parts. This primer is for objects like steel constructions, ship hulls, pipe installation, motor vehicles and industrial installation.
Our frames get sandblasted and then immediately coated with the primer on "zinc dust base". Therefor they are sealed to any outside influences and you can immediately start your paint job and also any kind of powder coating as the primer is heat proof up to 400° C.
So with a Ruff Cycles frame there is no pain in waiting and no additional costs to get the frame sandblasted or having to get them primed before you can start building your bike.

The primer has a lightgrey color to make sure it's as neutral as possible to any paint job.

Powder coating

One main feature why we use the "zinc dust primer" is that it's heat proof up to 400° C. So if you would like to powder coat your new frame, this is no problem.

Paint Finish

For paint jobs make sure to use 1K- and 2K-Paintsystems to get great results.


The primer has not been tested with all possible combinations of coating materials or powder coating powders. Previously, there where hardly any problems with paint or powder coatings, however, it is not possible to guarantee that the primer will work with your choice of paint or powder.

Ruff Cycles Frames get primed