The world’s premier custom bike show in its ninth edition!  Organized by Behind Bars Inc. and The Cruiser Shop, it took place at History Park/Kelley Park in San Jose, California and is for bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds. Spectators and participants got to see the newest and baddest creations of custom builders but also oldtimer originals from the early 1900’s! Anything bicycle related was welcome at the event, just bring the bike and share it to other bike fans. It was a perfect family event, with a kids zone, food trucks, vendors and music!

So we at Ruff Cycles wanted to finally experience this show, and since we only had one weekend (summer = peak of the season), it was a Quickie trip. In total we had 50hours of stay in California, but hey 50hours is better than nada! We got to meet up with our partners, our customers, met old friends and made new ones!

Back to Shiny Side Up, the day before, a Pre-Ride took place and started at San Pedro Square Market and already gathered hundreds of riders. As you know, don’t drink and ride, but what the hell, it was hot and a cold brew tasted good (but also Red Bull against the jetlag)! Everything was very peaceful and there was mad respect for one another. After multiple stops at local watering holes and many miles on the bike, we called it a day to show up early next morning for SSU.

At the main event, attendants and vendors were blessed with sunshine and good vibes! The atmosphere was dope and the crowd had a great time at the show. Many bike clubs, custom bike brands and builders were amongst thousands of visitors. Roughly 700 bikes and more than 3000 people were attending this year. We were amazed to see how many Ruff Cycles bikes were present and how great they all looked! You can truly see the passion and the creativity, as well as the love for details at every bike. But not only Ruff Cycles, Project 346, Firebikes and HBBC were present, some of the top custom bike builders showed their newest and proudest creations.

There were several attractions at the show, with a BMX stunt show, a kids dancing performance, a raffle (unbelievable how many tickets were sold!) as well as the main award ceremony. Every bike had a chance to enter and to compete in categories such as “Best of Show”,”Best Customs”, “Best Mild Customs”, “Best Paint”, Best BMX”, “Best Lowrider” , “Best Motorized” etc. It must have been very hard for the jurors to make a decisions as there were so many award-worthy bikes around. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for the great competition!

Yo Hamma from Japan (The Others BC – Kanagawa Chapter) flew his version of the Hard Time all the way from Japan and amazed the jurors with all the details of his bike and won the “Best of Show” Award!

We will be back next year! Can’t wait! It is already marked RED in our calendars!

Thanks to THE CRUISER SHOP and BEHIND BARS INC for the organisation, as well as our partners HBBC!

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Video (Short) from Shiny Side Up 2016 by Ruff Cycles

Mark (Ruff), Jason (HBBC), Pero (Ruff) and Eric (HBBC)

Saturday Pre-Ride

Shiny Side Up 2016 – Pre-Ride by OFFO Kevz