According to the current police crime statistics, almost 300,000 bicycles are stolen annually in Germany, and there is only a little chance that you see your bike ever again.

As our Bikes are not automatically theft-proof, we present you our best tools on how you can secure your RUFF CYCLES eBike – the ABUS folding locks and the “Bike Trax” GPS Tracker.


ABUS is a pioneer in bicycle security, the company is developing safety systems for almost 100 years and offers products of the highest quality. Moreover, the ABUS folding locks can be combined with our RUFF bikes easily.

The locks offer a high level of theft protection and at the same time are not a visual disturbance for your RUFF CYCLES eBike.

Our RUFFIAN has an invisible folding lock holder on the underside of the tank. And for the LIL’BUDDY, the lock can be fitted directly on the frame.

ABUS folding locks

To help you to find the right lock for your RUFF eBike, we have put together a small overview with the most important features of the various ABUS folding locks.

If you don’t like to search your keys all the time, the ABUS Bordo 6100/90 BK combination lock is perfect for you. In case that you prefer classic folding bike locks, the ABUS Bordo 6000/90 BK key lock is a good choice. And the ABUS Bordo 600/A/120 BK  is not only safe, it also frightens thieves with an alarm of up to 100dB.

Potential bicycle thieves will find the ABUS Bordo 6500/110 BK Granit XPlus a hard nut to crack.

This folding lock with 5.5 mm thick struts made of specially hardened steel, which are connected by special rivets, can withstand even massive attacks.

All folding locks except the ABUS alarm lock(ABUS Bordo 600/A/120 BK) are also compatible with the ABUS YourPLus Code Card. The Code Card stores the key code with which you can obtain duplicate keys. That is very convenient, because you can use the same key to lock and unlock your RUFF CYCLES eBike and the built-in BOSCH battery.

Bike Trax GPS Tracker

In addition to these four folding locks you can secure your RUFF CYCLES eBike with the GPS tracker “Bike Trax” for Bosch motors as well. The PowUnity system consists of a GPS tracker, a SIM card and a mobile app and is the perfect invisible theft protection for your RUFFIAN or LIL’BUDDY. To prevent theft, the smart app immediately gives the alarm if someone tries to get unauthorized access to your RUFF eBike. This way you can react quickly and in an emergency case, you can track your RUFFIAN or LIL’BUDDY on the map for up to 14 hours.

The data volume for the SIM card is free in the first year, after this year it costs € 3.90 per month. A small price for the safety of your RUFF CYCLES eBike. If you don’t use your bike for a long time, you can easily pause the subscription and there won’t occur any monthly costs.

You can find more information about the „Bike Trax“ GPS Tracker here.