new look for less than 100€

Tango by Wouter J. Irik (71 Kustoms) from the Netherlands

Do you want to give your bike a fresh look and not spend too much money at the same time?

Then we have something for you today – get cool inspiration how to upgrade your cruiser for less than € 100!

We will talk about how to choose the right handlebar and grips. Then we look at the pedals for your bike, the use of the side mirrors and a way how to transport your things with style.

Have fun!

at the front

One of the most striking components of your cruiser is the handlebar. It determines how your Ruff bike is perceived – rather casual, sporty or ultra cool. Of course, the handlebar has to harmonize with your bike too.

Nevertheless, you can think about a front upgrade of your cruiser, because who knows, maybe a new handlebar will give it unexpected skills …

To make your decision easier, we give you some useful tips on what you should pay attention when choosing a handlebar.

what to be aware of

the right size and diameter

Before you deal with the different handlebars, you need to find out what stem your cruiser has. Does a Ruff handlebar with a 22.2mm diameter or a 25.4mm fit in there?

For example, if you have a 25.4 mm stem, but want to install a new handlebar with a 22.2 mm diameter, we have a solution. You can use our handlebar reducers for too small handlebars.

Of course, you also have to consider whether the handlebar grips and the brake levers of your cruiser will fit on your new dream handlebar.

choosing the right stem

If you do not only want a new handlebar, but also a new stem for your cruiser, you can have a look at different models in our online store, which differ in construction and assembly. Here you have to think again – what effect does the stem (optics, driving comfort) have? Does the diameter match my handlebar?

A stem can also be positioned differently thanks to the headset spacers, which means you can adjust the handlebar height with it and thus improve driving comfort. Our headset spacer set is availabe in red, black and silver.

Handlebar shape and the effect

When the basic questions have been clarified – what is the diameter of the old handlebar, what about the stem, do the brake levers fit on a new handlebar – you can deal with the different Ruff handlebar models.

The shape of the handlebar is primarily about two aspects – look and driving comfort.

Here some inspiration from our customer pictures.

Of course we didn’t forget the handlebar ends either.

Whether stylish leather grips – absolutely authentic and with maximum comfort, or a set of our raw, aluminum-milled Project 346 handles  – with our RUFF handles you will always have everything under control!

And if you want something colorful, you can grab our green, red or black handles and your cruiser will look really cool! Of course, there are also the matching colorful pedals …

And if we already deal with the lower area of your cruiser, you can also take a look at our wheels and tires. Perhaps you want to have red wheels to add an eye-catcher, or you need a set of new tires because yours are already pretty worn out?

Then you can learn more about how to change the wheels and tires correctly here.

an eye for details

If you like details, you can add a bit more RUFF to your cruiser with the cool Skully made of fine, guaranteed rustproof aluminum.

We also want to take a look at a mirror on the bike. Attaching a mirror to the cruiser is not common, but it means a real upgrade for your Ruff-bike!

It’s not only practical to check your look on the go, such a side mirror enables you to have a look behind you and thus inevitably increases your driving safety.

Whether razor-sharp or elegantly curved – decide for yourself which mirror suits your cruiser best.

pack it safely

Yes we know, our saddlebags go a little beyond the € 100 mark. We still didn’t want to leave them out, because you always carry something with you for your ride and it should be packed safely and look good at the same time.

Our Ruff Saddlebags were specially developed for the Ruffian. It fits perfectly on the chainstays and traces the contour of the Ruffian line. In this way it fits into the complete Ruffian to not only look beautiful, but also to remain practical. You can also easily accommodate larger items such as notebooks or food.

We hope that you have now plenty of new ideas how to upgrade your cruiser.

You can read about how to prepare your bike for the coming season and replace the wheels and tires  if necessary in our “Ruff-fresh your bike” series.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment.

We wish you  a lot of fun and success!

Me and my Bike #10 – Wouter J. Irik (71 Kustoms), Niederlande

Meine Entscheidung zwischen einem Porucho oder einem Tango viel mir schwer. Da ich aber in letzter Zeit eine große Anzahl an Poruchos gesehen hatte, entschloss ich mich einen Tango aufzubauen.

Me and my Bike #9 – Gael Canonne von der Dirty Seven Garage, Frankreich

Mein ganzes Leben habe ich schon Bikes zu tun und kreuzte zwischen den meisten Fahrstilen hin und her. Heutzutage genieße ich aber lieber den kreativen Teil bei custom Bikes.

Me and my Bike #8 – Magnus aus Australien

Ich beschäftige mich schon mein ganzes Leben mit Custom Bikes, egal welcher Stil, aber am stärksten prägt mich jedoch der kreative Teil der Custom Bike Szene.


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