Review: Kustom Kulture Forever 2015


In June last year, we at Ruff Cycles finally made it out to our very first exhibition, but not some Bicycle Show, we took on one of the biggest exhibition in Europe regarding everything around Kustom Kulture. Kustom Cars, Kustom Motorcycles, Kustom Art, Tattoos and since 2015 also Kustom Bicycles.

We took on the journey without having any clue what was expecting us. It took us some time to get everything planned, set up and packed into our van. On the 4th of June we hit the road with Herten (near Dortmund) as our target. After six hours driving, we finally reached the ground of “Zeche Ewald”. This extraordinary location, which started in 1877 as an coal mining site, it then got converted in 2001 to an event location hosting all sorts of festivals.

After setting up our new tents and getting everything in place we kicked back with a few beers, checked out the (extensively) O’Donnells Moonshine and waited for the show to begin on the next day. The Kustom Kulture Forever is a great event wrapping up about 250 cars from 1965-79 Hot Rods, Kustom Cars, Lowrider, Vans and Aircooled VW’s – plus more than 150 Choppers and Boppers at the Tower Motorcycle Show.

Something great about the Kustom Kulture is that it does not only contain Kustom Cars and Bikes but also artists from around the world incuding Japan and the USA.