Looking for a name for our new frame!


We are ringing in the season 2016 by presenting our new custom bike frame. As we did for our last frame the ‚Hurricane’, we again call up the whole Ruff Cycles Community to help us find a new name. To make it a truly global thing, we asked our buddies at HBBC and OBC to join forces.

That’s how it goes down:

Via Facebook we asked for name suggestions and more than 500 people responded. Of course we had to leave out some highly controversial names, but heck, we still were happy about the feedback. We just know our Ruff Owners rock! The person who suggested the winning name, will get the new frame for free! If more than one suggested it, we will do a lucky draw.

Together with HBBC and OBC we decided for the Top 5 names that will be up for voting during OBC 2016 in Las Vegas! Between all the votes for the winning name, another lucky guy or girl will take the new frame home as well!

We await videos and will post them here!


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