Me and My Bike #2 – Paedy from Zug, Switzerland

Ruff Cycles is about cruiser eBikes and bicycles, conveying a specific and free riding experience. We believe that we are more than an ordinary brand, our connection to the products is extraordinary.

With this series of emailings, we want to highlight our riders and their bikes, as well as the inspiration behind their designs to the whole community.

What was your inspiration regarding the design and the colors?
I am a huge fan of the “Washington Redskins” since a few years and the design should represent the colors and the logo of the team. From the facemask of the helmet (fork) in yellow to the feathers of the chief logo in white/ yellow (rear tubes).

Tell us something about your bike:
I have decided for the Esco frame, because it is simple and has a great wavy look. In my opinion the demon fork fits the best as well as 80mm wheels to not have it look too heavy and not having too much rolling resistance when cruising.

How often do you ride your bike?
This summer me and my bike went often for a Sunday cruise to archery, visit friends or to games of the Midland Bouncers (American Football team in Zug), a team that I coach.

Now a bit about yourself:
Until now, i have only seen Electra Cruisers, that are pimped out (was also my first cruiser before the Esco). It would be great to join a cruise to meet other custom cruiser bike owners!

Paedy from Zug, Switzerland

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