Me and My Bike #1 – Brian from Wayne, USA

Ruff Cycles is about cruiser eBikes and bicycles, conveying a specific and free riding experience. We believe that we are more than an ordinary brand, our connection to the products is extraordinary.

With this series of emailings, we want to highlight our riders and their bikes, as well as the inspiration behind their designs to the whole community.

Tell us something about your bike:
I love the Smyinz frame, I’m 6’1 so I needed a longer bike. I added Jimmy Peek are you Evil bars, Suicide shifter, Firebikes Thunderbolt chainring, Chacalights Headlight, and Taillight, Orange Wheel lights, Custom Aluminum Kickstand from Michigan Built and of course for my tunes a JBL Flip 3 speaker

How often do you ride your bike?
I try and ride as much as I can but I dedicate Thursday nights to ride with Wayne Bicycle Club

Now a bit about yourself:
I own the Wayne Bicycle Shop in Wayne Michigan and the Founder of the Wayne Bicycle Club.

Brian from Wayne Michigan – Wayne Bicycle Club, USA

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