Today with El Jesse from Santa Ana, California

Ruff Cycles is all about cruiser e-bikes and custom bikes, about pure riding fun and that special feeling of freedom you get while cruising around. We are more than just an ordinary brand – we live our products.

With this blog post series we want to introduce our customers and their special bikes to our whole community.

What was your inspiration regarding the design and the colors?

Taking the challenge and building this bike was inspired by my nephew.  This is a very personal bike that stands for cancer awareness. No matter how many problems or step backs this bike brought me too in the building process; I never allowed anything to stop me from completing the bike or change my original ideas. My nephew fights for his life every day. And he inspires me every day. Seeing my accomplishment through his eyes mean the world to me.

My bike design and ideas came from “easy riders 1970’s choppers” and the color from “1970’s glass from the past”.

Tell us something about your bike

To start with all bike parts are hard crafted except the frame, tank and fenders. Custom Ruff cycle steel tank wrapped with hand tool leather. Front tree fork custom wrapped with had took leather. Color: 1970’s vintage inspiration color. 1940’s manarke crank. Issues came up with the Duff-Cycle frame with an XL Duff- Cycle tank. A great idea that brought up issues that I had to work around and overcome was custom making brackets for the fenders.

How long took the process of creating the bike?

1 year for the design. 6 months to put the bike together and fabrication.

What hurdles did you have to overcome during construction, or were there any?

Taking care of the paint job while putting the bike together. Making sure there would be no damage to the paint or scratches.  The leather graphic features on the bike (tank, forks and seat) were very tedious. No room for mistakes.

How often do you ride your bike?

 Once a week.

Tell us now a bit about yourself

My hobbies are designing custom bicycles. I ride in the Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Santa Ana Area. My profession is Salesman for a Paint and Sand Blasting Company. I live in Orange County. City of Santa Ana, California My bicycle Club is called Delta Cruises of Santa Ana.

CREDITS: El Jesse from Santa Ana, California

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Ruff Cycles is about cruiser eBikes and bicycles, conveying a specific and free riding experience. We believe that we are more than an ordinary brand, our connection to the products is extraordinary.

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Quite a lot of the components came from a bicycle online store such as the forks, drum brake, crank/pedals, cables, tyres. I fabricated the tank from 1.5 mm brass sheet, smoothed the welds and polished it to a mirror finish.
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