Introducing and Welcoming Mike Make Brittan to Ruff Cycles

Whassup’ Ruff-Fans!
I’m Mike “Make” Brittan, born in Los Angeles, California. I am currently living near Barcelona, Spain and have been in Europe since 1999.

Started in the scene in 2002 when I was importing stretches to England from California. Travelled and competed with Kustom Bikes around the world since 2004. Won a few awards… and ever since I have been talking about, writing about, building, promoting and inspiring the Kustom Bicycle Life.

I’m thrilled to be collaborating/representing/blogging for RUFF CYCLES. I see them as really one of the only manufacturer and brand that truly understands our Kustom-Core Movement. Pero, the proprietor of RUFF CYCLES has been around at least as long as myself, and is a driving force in helping the Kustom Bike Revolution in Europe and the world. I first met Pero at a huge fashion/culture festival in Barcelona in 2007 called the Bread & Butter, when he was then representing his former company. He asked me to bring the COTY (Cruiser of the year) winner bike to help attract attention for his booth. It was a blast and great memory.

Ruff Cycles game plan and vision for the future is very exciting and I am eager to be involved. This year they launched the Customizer (online custom bike app) which really gives the user/client the versatility to personally customize their own bikes and store with a unique DNA code for later reference. Awesome! I have had a lot of fun playing around with it but I can imagine that it will be a tremendous tool in the future to give new enthusiasts an idea of what their ride will look like before it’s even produced.

I like RUFF’s collaborations with the scene’s best known builders, producers and overall core scene, with contests, rewards, swag, etc… RUFF’s CYCLES products are a clear example of who’s side they are on! With Ruff’s history, customer satisfaction, very cool online platform and core involvement in the scene should prove to most that they are in it for the long game and aim to please!

Between us, I anticipate a collaboration of creative ideas with my Kustom background and their solid custom bicycle movement history. I anticipate you will be seeing some interesting new Kustom initiatives/goodies soon for their customers and fans. Though, I will have to compete with the already creative team at RUFF CYCLES to bring some ideas to realization. I expect no less and this excites me!
RUFF has been in the game for a while giving customers what they want and I honor that. They are a solid German company that is also very creative and supportive of the movement. I look forward to teaming up with RUFF and see what we can come up with!

…and cheers, to la VIDA KUSTOM!

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