Interview with Jeff Yeargin – Recognized Build-off Customizer


So! I caught up with Jeff Yeargin at his Midtown Cruiser Shop this past Sunday 22nd of May 2016, for a little phone interview. We were 9 time zones difference between California and the Spanish Mediterranean, so a little organizing was needed. Anyways, we done it!

So Jeff ,when did we first meet? Was it 2009 at T-Flo’s ranch parties in LA? I know when I was in LA a couple times, I saw you quite often at many of the cruise events and parties, anniversary cruise, Ciclavia, etc… Also, in Florida in 2011 for the big Chopadero cruise!  We’ve shared a few beers over the years… ohhh… and we can’t forget that wild 10km Malibu downhill run we did in 2010!   Some man points were earned that day!

Anyways, Jeff has been cruising and building some of the cleanest rides around for quite some time. He is a multi-award winning customizer and cleaned out with an OBC Las Vegas Best of Show victory last month. Lets find out a little about what he is about!

Name of the Shop:

Midtown Cruiser Shop, Sacramento since 2013 , opens Tuesday to Saturday

Chopadero since:


Been in the scene since:

2006 , introduced by his mate Ted Florez

First custom:

a Nor-Cal stretch.

Name of your award winning bike:

Ahhhhh…don’t have one. ¿Que?

Paint job:

Yeah ! A $900 Root beer float paint job, gotta pay to get a nice finish

What frame:



Any other workshops/builders/sponsors/friends/etc you want to shout out for helping you out?

My Club brothers, oh yeah and the “shop boy” Chris Beirn , on his way to being youngest Chopadero.

You are quite a Veteran now in the scene, with your own shop, making the efforts to hit the big events over the years and building award-winning show bikes,… what’s next?

Well this is a part time thing for me, but I will retire in 6 years from my utility company job and would like to do this full time!

Where do you see the future of the kustom bike movement going?

I see more specialty cruiser shops and more independent builders.

Your winning bike at OBC shocked a few kustom builders in the movement including myself!  It was the first time I ever saw a production framed kustom win an open competition against full kustom framed builders. How did you feel about winning against the full kustom framed guys?

I think you can make any frame a show winner … i choose the Ruff Tango!

I see you have won some prize money with your recent show bike. $1,000 bucks from the HBBC distributor challenge at Interbike. How do you feel about prize money being offered in future bike events?

Hey, I love winning prize money! Though, it costs me $4,000 to win $1,000.

Do you imagine a full-time pro class of builders/competitors in the future?

You never know until you try!

Can you describe your building style?

Clean, classy and less… is better.

Your building philosophy?

Love it, enjoy it, and hope to inspire!

Something new in the works?

Yeah… My sidewalk sale!

Anything else you want to say?

Yeah… I want to thank the OTHERS BC for their award at the OBC, it really surprised and humbled me.

Thanks for the chat Jeff!


Jeff Yeargin

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