Me and My Bike #17 Patrick Lüttich

Find out more about how Patrick built his cool Porucho Bike and learn from his advices.

Ruff Riders Series with Julien Roulet

Today we're taking a little journey south to introduce you to a Ruff Rider who is used to push his limits, both in his everyday life and on his Lil'Buddy: Julien Roulet! He is a great sportsman, teacher and also a member of the French Paralympic snowboarding team. In 2018, he even took part in the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang.

Me and My Bike #15 Brant Olson

Ruff Cycles is about cruiser eBikes and bicycles, conveying a specific and free riding experience. We believe that we are more than an ordinary brand, our connection to the products is extraordinary.


Bike Brewery – Top 3 Bikes

Today we would like to proudly present you the top 3 bikes created by our master brewer Daniel. Get to know the character of these special cruisers and find out what has served our master brewer as inspiration for these creations.

Me and My Bike #14 – Greg from Cape Town

Hi my name is Greg and I live in Cape Town South Africa. I built a bicycle for Afrikaburn, it was an epic project and learnt that I don’t want to build a frame again.

Ride and drink! – The original Kroozie ™ cup holder

Your bike is almost perfect - you spent a long time tinkering with the details, looking for and installing the right components. But one thing is still missing - the cup holder. You want something that makes your bike perfect, complements it instead of disturbing the overall picture.

Security Tips for your RUFF CYCLES eBike

According to the current police crime statistics, almost 300,000 bicycles are stolen annually in Germany, and there is only a little chance that you see your bike ever again. As our RUFF Custom Bikes are not automatically theft-proof, we present you in the following our best tools how you can secure your RUFF CYCLES eBike – the ABUS folding locks and the "Bike Trax" GPS Tracker.

Me and my Bike #12 – Grant Dinan – EN

Just a few years ago a Ruff frame set caught my attention and immediately I wanted to build a custom bike.

Me and my Bike #11 – Robert Flores

I wanted to go for a sporty sports car look. The frame being so low and sleek, gave me the idea of creating something similar to a Ferrari or Lamborghini. So I asked myself ... what stands out more than Red?

Me and my Bike #10 – Wouter J. Irik (71 Kustoms), The Netherlands

I was in doubt between a Porucho and a Tango. But because I saw a lot of Porucho's lately so i decided to build me a Tango.

Me and my Bike #9 – Gael Canonne from Dirty Seven Garage, France

I've been into bikes all my life, and crossed between most styles of riding, but mostly enjoying the creative outlet of custom bikes these days.

Me and my Bike #8 – Magnus from Australia

Honestly, my inspiration was the early media photos of the Ruff "Shelly" and "Rodder" Deans, I love the simple clean curved lines and wanted to build a tribute.

Me and my Bike #7 -Daniel & Kathrine from Copenhagen

Here in Denmark is very classic the cargo bikes to cruise around with the kids so I decided to mix this cargo bike with one of your bikes, because I wanted a fat ass bike. So I decided to mix the Tango lady steel with the Nihola and that was the result.


Ruff Photoshooting with ‘The Pixeleye’

Building for prize money $$$… Are we ready?

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