As one of the most recognizable and largest gatherings of the custom bicycle world, the annual OBC in Las Vegas is simply the place to be! It’s where it is all about customs, cruisers, classics, lowriders, tricycles, pretty much anything that has pedals on it. Meet and chat with people that share the same passion and attitude and exchange knowledge, while rolling down Sunset Boulevard.

From April 21st to 24th, the OBC 2016 will take place around the Golden Nugget Hotel in Downtown Sin City. This year marks the 4 year anniversary of this much anticipated event. What you can expect from it? Nightly and daily cruises with an army of individuals, opening party, pool party, closing party, pretty much everyday party! Highlights will be a custom bicycle build-off between 7 different builders including 2015 champion Jimmy Peek and a huge bike show. For the first time this year, there will be an OBC Art Show that features unique art by talented folks from the custom bicycle movement.

But even though the event is about freedom and fun on bikes, there are unwritten guidelines how to behave, it is about to represent the custom bike movement worldwide. Simply put: “Don’t be a Dick!“

These are our and your people, if you get a chance, be part of it and build memories that will last a lifetime with your bicycle brothers and sisters from all around the world.

Also for the very first time in OBC history, RUFF CYCLES together with HBBC will have a live voting to select the new name for its new frame. Between all the people who have selected the winning name, one lucky guy or girl will get to take the new frame home with them! Follow the RUFF CYCLES Facebook page for videos of the announcement!

Tonight We Ride!