We are not just here committed to simply building bicycles.
We firmly believe that our unique bikes should be fun and with great style, while not sacrificing on quality of any kind.
We recognize our responsibility towards our customers and partners to deliver an awesome product we proudly stand side-by-side with.
This commitment to our bikes is influencing our daily actions and how we do business.


The vision of the Ruff Cycles brand as well as the requirements to our products are constantly evolving, what we believe what once was good, is not good enough for us anymore. We roll in to work everyday because we want to develop kick-ass products that amaze us, without being distracted what others are doing. We go our own pace and are independent in our thinking!


Pero Desnica decided to follow his passion and created the RUFF CYCLES brand in 2012. By using the learning from his previous experiences, Pero founded RUFF CYCLES based on pillars such as high quality, user satisfaction and sustainability. This and having a close tie to the scene guarantees that RUFF CYCLES will keep bringing out products that will appeal to the custom bicycle movement worldwide while welcoming new friends to the Custom Bicycle World! So let’s embrace freedom and let’s ride!

Im Gewerbepark D36
93059 Regensburg, Germany
Phone: +49-(0)941-599 395 17

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