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Tasche Rahmen Klein 9l Lil´Buddy

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This small bag sits perfectly in the front triangle of our Lil’Buddy. It aligns along the frame tubes to make sure it’s not standing out more than we would like it to do. As our Lil’Buddy is the main actor.
Just undo one zipper for small and thinner items or undo both zippers and the velcro holding the flap to insert or take out bigger items such as bottles, jerseys or anything not fitting one zipper. This makes it an ideal partner for going on short rides throughout the city or countryside. Two velcro loops hold the bag on the upper tubes of the LIl’Buddy and the bottom can be held to the downtube with two screws in the rivets for the lock/bottle preparation holder.

Volume: 9l

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Gewicht 2 kg
Größe 46 × 32 × 13 cm

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