The Berlin Bicycle Week rolled out so many events that pedalholics probably couldn’t see and try everything, despite it being a weeklong event. There isn’t likely an event, which covers such diversity of cycling culture. Ever saw or even participated at a Pedal Battle in a setting that reminds of ‚Game of Thrones’? How about Cycloross or Holistic Cycling? It is safe to say that the Berlin Bicycle Week offered something to every visitor.

One big part of the Bicycle Week is the ‚Berliner Fahrradschau’, an exhibition of local and international brands, large and small, even many startups. You can see on our pictures that it is far from ordinary, business-centric exhibitions and fairs.

It took place at the perfect location! The ‚Station Berlin’ is located in the heart of the capital and is just an awesome place, it is a protected as a historic landmark with its architecture and layout gives everyone a feeling of retro and vintage. It used to be a train station which hosted the Berlin-Dresden railway line and was opened in 1875.

RUFF CYCLES had to be part of the ‘Berliner Fahrradschau’, also to represent the Custom Cruiser Movement in between all the Mountain Bikes, Fixies, Speed Bikes etc. Since we are specialized in awesome bikes and parts and not in those kind of exhibitions, we just decided to take the look’n’feel of our production hall to truly represent RUFF CYCLES. We quickly regretted our decision and WTF attitude as we saw how big and heavy everything was but the decision has been made and we rocked it with our stand (see pictures below).

We exhibited several showbikes such as the Fluid, Hornet, Dean Aluminium, Basman and Rusty Dean, many parts, Kroozie cupholders and HBBC beach cruisers. A lot of stuff was sold, especially a lot of Tshirts and caps. Our luck, so we did not have to bring everything back!

We spend time chatting with dear customers that have visited us, some press and checked out the other brands and exhibitors. Our team was extremely often found at the Free Gin Tonic stand. Not possible to resist!

All in all a great experience!

We are already looking forward to the next event in June…Kustom Kulture Forever!



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