Professional Singer



March 21st, 1983




Professional Singer (Ucee) and CEO of Pineapple Kush Papers


Regensburg, Germany


Pinapple Kush Papers


Why do you like our bike so much?

My Ruff Cycles bike serves multiple purposes and fits my lifestyle perfectly. The main reason I chose this bike is that I have never had a driving license, so it has become my ideal all-rounder electric vehicle. The electric assistance allows me to easily cover longer distances without having to rely on a car.

It is particularly important to me that I can take my little daughter with me on the front of the bike. She sits there in the front row and can experience the world from a unique perspective. It is an incomparable feeling to give her this freedom and to experience adventures together.

Another crucial aspect is my fascination with the Bonanza bikes of the 70s, also known as "high risers". The striking look of these bikes left a lasting impression on me and can be found in many of my artistic designs and projects. The Ruff Cycles Bike combines this timeless retro style with modern technology, especially electric drive. This not only addressed the technical deficiencies of the original Bonanza bikes, but also gave the design even more attitude and functionality.

Overall, I can say that my Ruff Cycles bike is not just a means of transportation, but an important part of my lifestyle and my artistic inspiration. It allows me the freedom I value while embodying the spirit and legacy of the legendary Bonanza bikes that have had such a profound influence on me.

Let's talk about music? What does it mean to you?

I am grateful every day to be able to communicate my emotions through music. It's balm for the soul.

How long have you been making music?

Since I can think. But officially since I was 11.

How did you get into music?

I was interested in my mom's old Mowtown records.

How many times a week are you in the studio?

5 times a week

What is your favorite genre?

Soul, Reggae, Rap, Afrobeat

Greatest role model in music?

Sam Cook, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley

Your greatest successes in your career so far?

Steady on stage and on tour for 25 years. Grateful

My big dream as an artist?

To create and cultivate art until the end of my life.

This is what I like to do the most? and why

It makes me happy to create art.

I couldn't live without these items?

Water, fruit, pad, pen, weed, papers, backpack, sunglasses, mobile

This is on my bucket list?

Touring South America and traveling the world with my family.

This is my favorite thing to wear?

Beckenbauer original Adidas Suite

Dressy or casual?

Style with a style

Favorite clothing brand?

See above

This is what you can experience in my city / Your insider tip

The Degginger combines everything, I would say. The lunch menu is excellent and very authentic. The drinks are high quality and so is their art and cultural program.

My favourite place? Here I escape from everyday life

There's a chill spot not far from my studio. This is a meadow between 2 tracks on a bridge. I have a great view of the harbor and can have a smoke without being judged.Real Urban Garden.

Partying in the club or casually at home?


Street food or fancy dinner?


Favorite drink/food?

Water and lentil dishes.

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RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l

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