RC F.O.R.C.e - Gia Corley

Professional Football Player



May 20th, 2002




Professional Woman Football Player


Heidelberg, Germany




What is the intended use of your bike? How does it fit into your lifestyle?

The bike copes perfectly with the many demands of my everyday life. Whether with sports equipment for training, just getting home from the supermarket for a short time, making a cool appearance while cruising to friends or spontaneously for a session at the nearest football field - the Lil'Missy is practical, versatile, spontaneous and meets all requirements. The design allows luggage to be stowed away quickly and easily, but looks a lot cooler and more casual than other bikes in all situations!

Why did you decide to own a RUFF bike?

The Lil'Missy is a bike whose design just suits me. This street style and this easygoing that the bike emanates - it's so cool! I can also decide whether I want to pedal myself or let the Bosch motor take over, which I think is great as an athlete 😁 In short: Super comfortable, stylish, versatile, simply an eBike that speaks for itself!

Let's talk about Football, what does it mean to you?

I've been playing soccer since I was little, it's been with me all these years and the best feeling for me is being able to say: "Look, I've turned my hobby into my job!". But I haven't played just for myself for a long time now, but also for my mother and my family in general. It was my mother who got me here in the first place and it wasn't easy, so I want to be able to give something back to her later. That's why, when there are difficult times, I try to remember that I'm not just doing it for myself, there's more behind it! That motivates me.

How often do you train a week? Your favorite position in the team?

I train about 7-8 times a week (on some days 2 units) and there is also one game per week. I prefer to play offensively, especially the 10 position, because I can decide quite freely what I want to do 😄. But in general I'm happy with all offensive positions.

Your big dream as a soccer player?

My big dream as a footballer... probably the same one that many footballers already have as a "small" dream: to prove myself as a regular player at a very good club and to inspire many people in the stadium with good games.

Was ist es, was du am liebsten tust? und Warum?

I prefer to go to other cities with or to friends, visit new restaurants, discover cool places (locations), bars, the city scene and also the clubs 😄 I also find it so interesting to go shopping in other cities, it doesn't even have to be very expensive or exclusive, just stroll through Rewe, Edeka, Kaufland or something like that 🙈 that's always part of it, you can find new things everywhere, Impressions, interesting people!

From time to time I also drive to dog sitters or ask different animal shelters if they could use some help. Unfortunately, I haven't been so lucky in my area so far, so it has become less - But now the Lil'Missy is ready for the summer and maybe it will work out better then!

Which 7 items would I take with me to a lonely island?

I don't even know if I would go there! If I had the choice, probably less 😅. I don't like traveling so far without knowing what to expect or when the flight time is too long 🙈. Islands in general don't appeal to me that much 😅 and certainly not alone. I'm such a person, I always have to have someone with me. I don't think I can swim back to shore on the Lil'Missy, so I'll take with me:
- Pillow
- Ceiling
- Mobile
- Sunglasses
- Ball
- Jukebox
- Protein bars

What's on your bucket list (sports, travel, etc.)?

I really want to go to a club in New York and Los Angeles. And generally visiting cities across Europe to do what I mentioned above: be out with friends, discover new things and have experiences. Also get me a dog!

My favourite place? Where I escape from everyday life?

I can switch off well in the gym, like to do face time with my family or go out with friends.

Street Food or fancy Dinner?

Simply a cool restaurant that is good and tasty - it doesn't have to be a fancy, noble dinner! You often find unknown but really good restaurants by accident while exploring new cities. When I look for it, it's more on Tiktok, which I personally think is better than these Google reviews.

Favourite Drink or Food?

French toast with maple syrup, market batata (Tunisian), taco salad and of course mom's Christmas dinner. Favorite drink for me: freshly squeezed juices!

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