RUFF CYCLES F.O.R.C.E Member - Besss




March 18th, 1979




Graphic Designer & Graffiti Artist / Street Artist


Lyon, France




What is the intended use of your bike? How does it fit into your lifestyle?

People know me most as BESSS , I am a graphic designer by profession but passionate about art since my youngest age, I have been practicing graffiti since 1995 and today live from the decoration and customization of shops, frescoes, etc... I got to know the RUFF CYCLES brand in 2016 during a lowrider event in Geneva. Then I discovered the LIL’BUDDY range in the LE COMPTOIR DU CYCLE store.

Why did you decide to own a RUFF bike?

I chose the LIL’BUDDY for my wife & me for the ballad side, family outings, I take my 9-year-old daughter to school every morning with my bike, it also adapts well for my professional appointments in town, or my family walks by the lake.

What do you like the most about your Bike?

It’s really its practical side, its style, its small format and its BMX inspiration, not to mention the fact of being able to customize it as an accessory as you wish.

How do people react when they see the bike in the streets?

It catches the eye and often people want to test it. mine is accessorized, and I think it gives style, people are touched by the style here

This is what I love to do the most? and why?

I tend, following a professional deformation, to see everything in a «graphic» way. I like the Buddy for its sleek style, and I like to walk around Lyon’s architecture, it has a style that sticks to the city

Your biggest achievements in my career and why?

As a Graphic Designer, I was able to work for major brands, and do the scenography for the EVIAN brand museum, or work on advertising campaigns. In the field of art, I was able to create paintings for basketball courts, or be an artistic director at graffiti-related festivals, but today you can see a BUS entirely decorated by me circulating in Lyon. with the ZOO ART SHOW collective

Which 7 items would I take with me to a lonely island?

- Camera
- Phone in case there is network
- Sunglasses
- Fishing kit
- Sneaker
- Kite

My greatest art projects?

For the reason it has in the world, I would say the scenography of the EVIAN museum which took me more than a year of work, with translations into Japanese etc... which makes a very nice showcase for my know-how, but also the design of the COMPTOIR DU CYCLE store in Lyon which combines both my experience in Design and my artistic side with the fresco of the store and the custom tables.

What is your local advice for Lyon?

I’ve been living in Lyon for about ten years, and I’m starting to have my little landmarks such as Le Comptoir du Cycle for the Chill side while staying in the world of cycling, SHOEZ GALLERY if you’re a sneaker addict, or other BROOKLYN FIZZ a small American grocery store with some nuggets in terms of caps, sweets, goodies etc... without forgetting the graffiti shop MONSIEUR SPRAY or EIGHTYONE store

Your insider advice for this city where you life

Venture into the different districts of Lyon with different universes, by bike, let yourself be guided by the quays of soane and the rhône, walk along the Confluence district with its futuristic architecture...
Discover the Vieux-Lyon district and its calm atmosphere, climb to the Fourvière cathedral and its breathtaking view of Lyon.
Stroll along Lake Meribel 10 minutes from Lyon, in short, so much to discover in this sublime city.

Your favorite place / where you always are

I really like to settle down in the quiet of Place des Capucins, in the heart of Lyon above Place des Terreaux, drink my coffee in the morning when the city is barely waking up, and cycle along the quays to reach the Friends of the Comptoir du Cycle, it’s the friendly place where I spend the most time, the place is chill, calm, very well placed, and a little outside the movement of downtown Lyon.

Coolest Bar in Lyon?

The best bar in lyon for me is DOCTOR YEAST with homemade aperitif boards «to die for»

Best place to chill?

I must admit that the most pleasant place for me in Lyon is really the quays, the cycle paths in Lyon are super suitable. and I have a lot of affection for the CONFLUENCE district

Best restaurant in Lyon?

So for once lyon is renowned for its gastronomy, and there are many very good restaurants. «LES ATELIERS D’YVONNE» for example, which is a Lyonnais stopper, but also the FOOD TRABOULE which is very well known, or the FOOD SOCIETY + for the street food side.

Your lifestyle?

Never without my bike, often with a matching clothing style, I must admit (laughs), music in the airpods, a bit of basketball with my friends, a lot of graffiti between 2 professional projects etc...

Partying in a club or chilling at home?

Let’s say that I’m + old enough to chill at home with family or friends, sometimes a small restaurant and small cinema, or outings to see stand-up shows hosted by friends from Lyon

Fancy dinner or rather street food?

I’m + streetfood I must admit, and there are a lot of good deals in Lyon for this type of meal, between Korean, Mexican etc...

Favorite drink or food?

Korean food

Favorite Music?

HIP HOP old school US / JAZZ / FUNK / SOUL but above all the soul is necessary when I paint, a quiet atmosphere, and groove

This is what I want to achieve?

Ideally, an artist is always looking for recognition, the advantage of being an artist is that some of my works will be there after me, but seeing his works everywhere is a source of pride, the idea would be to always do + in order to leave my mark, and that people remember us, me.

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