RUFF CYCLES F.O.R.C.e member Tobias Schmeilzl




August 12th, 2007


Germany / Chinese




Regensburg, Germany




What is the intended use of your bike? How does it fit into your lifestyle?

I use the bike to get to my workout (Gym). Also it fits perfectly when I have sports at school or I just take, thanks to the long seat, one person extra with me.

Why did you decide to own a RUFF bike?

It's easy to explain why I chose the bike, it's really capable of anything, you can transport almost anything (from training bag to shopping bags, etc...) and because of the shape of the bike, you just really feel relaxed when you ride it.

What do you like the most about your Bike?

What I like most about the bike is the quality and sturditness, and of course the style of all the other RUFF CYCLES bikes.

Let's talk about Muay Thai / K-1, what does that mean to you?

K-1 is a form of martial art, for me it means switching off from everyday life, you become more self-confident

How often do you train and what is your favorite move?

I really train 6 times a week, I also go running for conditional fitness. My favorite moves are the tornado kick 🌪 and the twist kick.

Your biggest successes in your career?

My biggest success in my career is my 3 junior world championship titles with the ISKA federation.

This is what I love to do the most? and why?

What I love and do the most is playing video games and training, with these two things I can switch off the best and focus only on that.

Your biggest success?

My biggest success was in 2019 I became World Champion and in 2021 I became 2 times IFP Champion (IFP= International Fight Promotion).

Which 7 items would I take with me to a lonely island?

I would only take 4 items with me, they would be a machete, a tape, a fire steel, and a water bottle with a filter.

What is your favorite outfit?

I like to wear baggy jeans, cargo pants and oversized hoodies. Of course on a chic basis.

What to do in your city or your insider tip?

Cool bar: Rheorik Restaurant: Burgerheart Other: My favorite place is the Galaxy Gym or my room.

Party in the club or casually at home?

I prefer to party casually at home (because I can't go to a club yet).

Street food or fancy dinner?

Fancy dinner is better for me

What is your favorite drink/food?

My favorite drink is Powerade, Favorite food is Sushi

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