RC F.O.R.C.e Roos Zweetie

Professional Skateboarder



July 27th, 2000






Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Cariuma, Decathlon Skateboarding, Skatestore, Thunder Trucks, Redz Bearings, Iamsuperp, RUFF CYCLES


What is the use of your bike and how does it fit your lifestyle?

I use my bike to ride through Amsterdam and to bike to my college. I study at the Johan Cruyff Academy in Amsterdam. Normally I would take the car and pay a lot of parking costs but now with my Ruff bike I can get fresh are, be at my study in 15 minutes and park for free ☺ I also use my bike to ride to all kind of skateparks in the area. I can move much easier and quicker than I would if I use the car. I put my skateboard at the front and I’m ready to go!

Why did you choose a RUFF CYCLES Bike?

Because I love the way the bike looks and the community behind Ruff Bike is so cool!

What do you like the most about your bike?

The fact that’s it’s orange, the national color of The Netherlands 😉 And the Bosch engine it has in it, the bike is so fast!

How do people react when they see the bike in the streets?

I had a couple times that people asked me at the traffic light what kind of bike I was riding. They liked the way the bike looked and they wanted to buy one as well for themselves.

Olympia - how is it?

It was really cool to experience the Olympics with the Dutch team and all the other skateboarders around the world. Skateboarding made its debut as an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020. What I remember is, there were good vibes all around during the contest. I really enjoyed being there. The only thing that really sucked (understatement) was the fact that my friend (and fellow Dutch skateboarder) Candy Jacobs got Covid right before the beginning of the tournament. That was a huge downer, ofcourse especially for her. We felt so sorry for her… Hopefully she can take revenge in Paris 2024.

What does skating mean to you?

Skateboarding means freedom! Choosing your own path, choosing your own tricks and choosing your own style. It shows me the world and it gave me new friends. I’m really gratefull to have skateboarding in my life!

What do you love doing and why?

I love to eat and chill with my friends, play games, try different sports such as snowboarding and be around my family. My family and friends are really important to me and I want to spend a lot of time with them when I’m not travelling or skateboarding.

Your biggest achievements in your career and why?

I think my biggest achievement is coming back from my ACL injury in 2019. It was a hard year and mentally it was tough for me to skate again and try new tricks. Competition wise my biggest achievement is taking 5th place at the Olympics in 2020 and getting 3rd place at the Dew Tour in 2021.

Local advice / Your insider advice for the city you live in?

Lock your bike… twice!

Favorite place / where you always are?

Oosterpark. It’s right around my house and it’s a really nice park to walk through in the morning and to skate in. They have a small skatepark where I always skate and hang in the summer with friends.

Best restaurant?

Rotisserie in Amsterdam. A restaurant known for its juicy spit-roasted chicken, smash burgers and turbo cheese fries. Everything is delicious over there! A lot of skateboarders visit this restaurant when they are in Amsterdam.

Partying in a club or chilling at home?

Chilling at home. I don’t really like to be alone so I try to invite friends as much as possible or I chill with my friend and roommate Fianne. We organize pancake evenings together and are reaaally competitive when it comes down to Mario Cart haha.

Fancy dinner or street food?

Street food. Yummyyy. A good restaurant for street food in Amsterdam East is Bar Basquiat. Amazing food at this place!

Favorite drink or food?

In the morning a good cup of coffee, I love it! My favorite food is Sushi and Indian, you can wake me up in the middle of the night for this.

You favorite place to skate?

A skatepark I built in Amsterdam East and the Olympic skatepark in The Hague. Both skateparks are super nice and challenge me a lot. Amsterdam teaches me to skate fast and the obstacles in The Hague are big and challenge me to skate the big obstacles!

Your signature move?

The heelflip, I looooove this trick!

This is what I want to achieve!

I want keep on skateboarding for a long time and keep having fun with my friends. My competition goal is to go to the Olympics in Paris 2024. Besides competitions I also want to skate more in the streets and work on a street part ☺

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