RUFF CYCLES F.O.R.C.e Master Goodvibe Rene Claussnitzer

Passionate Trailboi



July 24th, 1990


German / Ossi


Running / Skiing


Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany


RUFF CYCLES, The North Face, Gloryfy


What is the intended use of your bike? How does it fit into your lifestyle?

My Lil’Adventure Buddy - it gets me exactly where I need to go with all the rattling - before work for a ski tour - or after work for a cold beer!

Why did you decide to own a RUFF bike?

Hello ? I don't understand the question - because it is different, ingenious - like my hairstyle - front business back party.

What do you like the most about your Bike?

The front rack - for my pack of Spezi (orange lemonade with coke) to the track workout - or rather rear for a Sunrise Cruise. ok joking aside - the leo look is just over the top!

How do people react when they see the bike in the streets?

If people could have heart eyes - like the smiley 😍 - that would be it.

That's what I like to do the most and why?

Outside on the mountain with friends - breeding my calves - no matter if bike - running - or climbing - the main thing is crazy - I want to feel that I'm alive and live in exactly that second - because I don't want to think about the tax return of 2024.

Your biggest successes and why?

Success - I see rather as relative - sporty it would be so far my Top10 finish at the TSP DIY SOLO RACE 2021 (The Speed Project do it yourself) - because I ran the race not on distance but altitude and against all the flatland racer to the 120km still 12,000 altitude could put 😝 Winner at the Decent Race on the Streif - fast pants - fast goggles - broken knee - true to the motto - trophy or hospital - I took both - because it is probably the sickest downhill race (on foot) on the famous Streif in kitzbühl. My biggest success for me, however, is the move to Garmisch - because here I am simply me.

Which 7 items would I take with me to a lonely island?

- A gold chain
- style is a must
- Trousers in Leopard look
- looks good - and are practical
- a Multitool - you know, a device fork / knife / spoon in one
- my IPhone - have to keep you up to date what I'm doing
- hammock - hang loose - can also be used as a paragliding umbrella
- a wakeboard - why ? check it down below
- my Lil Buddy - with the 19l bag and the frontrack - wakeboarding on the beach with Friday and Saturday - and cruising around the island - what more do I need ?

This on my bucket list (sports, travel, etc.)?

Bucket List? do everything I'm up for - NO BAD DAYS - (ok honestly ? run UTMB TDS once - learn paragliding - run TSP from Los Angeles to Las Vegas - logo solo - that my mullet goes up to the butt - for maximum sex appeal)

What do I like to wear most?

Sneakers - joggers - crop tops - bucket hat's - gold jewelry - a spezi or flatt white in my left hand - sunglasses

Chic or casual?

I am as changeable as a chameleon - I can do both - like both - and am exactly who I want to be there -

This is what you can experience in my city? Your insider tip?

- Cool bar: Irish Pub - for a proper Carbomb or Cuatro Hombres for the chic apero for the 1st date - what is that actually?
- Restaurant: Renzo - the Italian we sportsmen trust - maybe also because of the Limoncello
- other: the Zwölferkopf - because simply the most beautiful way leads up there which nobody goes

My favorite place? Here I escape from everyday life?

The trails of this world - shoes on - head off - live - or just the residence at the Kramerspitze - south balcony with bombastic view

Street food or fancy dinner?

Streetfood for the week - fancy dinner - with friends - always

Favorite drink or food?

Favorite drink - Paulaner Spezi (according to tattoo) but hey let's talk about coffee - Food - 24/7 Trash Food - snacks but if I had to choose - it would be Pizza

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RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l


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RUFF CYCLES Lil’Buddy Frame Bag 9l

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