Ruff Cycles Regulator Springer Fork

Regulator Fork

This one of kind Girder Fork is a master piece built by Ruff Cycles. To get the right strenght – weight ratio we used CroMo (Chromoly) Steel. The spring is changeable to adjust the rake angle.
With 15mm the metal struts of the fork are strong enough to ensure a safe ride while an earth quake.

Ruff Cycles Regulator Springer ForkThe sizes are the following:
» Length Bottom to Top: 680 mm
» Length Headtube: 300 mm
» Width Fork: 140 mm
» Inner Width Dropout: 100 mm
» Headtube Outer Diameter: 1 1/8″
» Length Spring: 213mm

Available in the Color: Black, Chrome and Raw

Ron Bars – Handle Bars

Ruff Cycles Ron Bars Line Up
Ruff Cycles Ron Bar

The Ruff Ron Bar Short is a short piece of metal which can be used as a handle bar for your bike. Main Reason for its shape is because it gets bent over Argentinian Angus cattle. Built from Steel (Chromoly) and powder coated in black its sturdy and hardly seeable at night. With our Ruff Grips in Black you have a maximum Ruff Feeling right at your fingertips.

» Material: Chromoly
» Size: Width: 55cm; Height: 20cm, Stem: Ø 22.2mm; Tube: Ø 22.2 mm

Available Versions:
» Ron Bar Small (Black and Chrome)
» Ron Bar Medium (Black and Chrome)
» Ron Bar Large (Black and Chrome)

Ruffer Tires

The Version 2 of our Ruffer Tire in juicy Orange! For all those who had problems getting the Version 1 on the Rim, this is the solution. No worries this one will just jump on the Rim without any swearing, sweat and ripping the shed apart in anger.

The Ruffer V2 is a lightweight Tire with a unique tiretread. Tested on 65mm, 80mm and 100mm Rims without problems but should also work on other dimensions.

– ETRO 76-559
– 26″ Diameter
– 3″ Width

Available in:
» 26″ x 3.0 White wall
» 26″ x 3.0 Creme
» 26″ x 3.0 All Black
» 26″ x 3.0 Orange wall
» 26″ x 3.0 Red wall

Ruff Cycles Cruzo Tires

Cruzo Tires

CRUZO is a new brand specializing on high-performance tires for cruiser and urban bikes.
CRUZO tires are perfectly made for cyclists who seek great looks and extra long tread life, while not sacrificing on reliability and comfortable riding. The vintage feeling combined with the attention to detail and quality, positions CRUZO as a perfect complement to your bicycle.

Ruff Cycles Cruzo TiresWhile CRUZO is fresh to the scene, the people behind it are not.
Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a heavyweight in the custom bike movement – Pero of RUFF CYCLES.

Available in:
» 26″ x 3.0 Whitewall
» 26″ x 3.0 Creme
» 26″ x 3.0 All Black
» 26″ x 2.35 Whitewall
» 26″ x 2.35 Creme
» 26″ x2.35 All Black

Project 346 Balloon Tires

The Project 346 tires are inspired by the classic board track racer tires from the 1920’s. It’s nice and clean white wall don’t distract the complete composite of your bike. Its wide balloon structure assure a great look and feel while riding. The tire surface is kept very simple and just shows the gutter along the tire. Just as the tires from the 20’s.

Available in:
» 26″ x 3.0 Whitewall
» 26″ x 3.0 All Black
» 26″ x 2.35 Whitewall
» 26″ x 2.35 Creme
» 26″ x2.35 All Black

Project 346 Balloon Tires
Ruff Cycles Aluminium Wheels

Ruff Wheels

FEISTY – that super-seized, morbidly obese fat bastard rolls down the streets like a Sumo wrestler rolls off the toilet with the grace of a spun out of control wheel of cheese and the magnitude and collateral damage of a horde of marauding housewives being pointed the way to an Ed Hardy sample sale…

Ruff Cycles Double Wall Aluminium WheelsComes in red hot red, flat black, virgin white and ghetto silver and in 65 mm and 80 mm width.

Details of the Front Hub:
Shimano Deore 475 with Disc Brake Mounting

Details of the Rear Hub:
Shimano Nexus 3-gear Hub
Material: Aluminium
Spokes: 36
Parts: Twist handle with bowden cable and click-box, Sprocket and assembling parts

All Rims are double walled Aluminium Wheels.
Made in Germany.

Available in:
» 26″ 65mm in White
» 26″ 65mm in Black
» 26″ 65mm in Red
» 26″ 80mm in White
» 26″ 80mm in Black
» 26″ 80mm in Red
» 26″ 100mm in Black

More. More parts, more fun, more choice!

Ruff Cycles offers a large selection of extraordinary parts for everything which can be added, assembled or customized for your custom bike.

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93059 Regensburg, Germany
Phone: +49-(0)941-599 395 17

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