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You can find all shipping costs on this page:

All our shipping costs are based on Weight vs. Destination, so the heavier the order gets, the more it will cost to deliver it to your country. We are always trying to find the cheapest possible way to ship out order to our customers therefor we have teamed up with more than one courier service to get the cheapest way for every shipment.

German Post:
We ship small and orders up to 2kg via the German Post. This might take a little longer and has not as good tracking, but is a lot cheaper then the bigger courier services.
Shipping time is around 14 work days.

We use FedEx on regular shipments outside of Germany as they have an excellent service and delivers our shipments real fast worldwide.
Shipping time is around 4-7 days

Mostly used in Germany and in some countries. The downside is that the shipping takes a longer than FedEx.
Shipping time depends on the country, 1-3 work days (Germany), 7-10 work days (in EU) and 2-4 weeks (outer EU)

Mostly used in Germany and some EU countries. Shipping time depends on the country, 1-2 work days (Germany), 7-10 work days (EU)

Used on bigger deliveries such us complete bikes or large orders.
Its not possible to predict shipping times on freight shipments.

To calculate your exact shipping costs please add all the items you would like to purchase into the shopping cart, then go to the shopping cart and on the right side you can find the shipping calculator. There you can choose the country you are located and get the exact shipping costs on the items you would like to purchase.
If you have any further questions do not hesitate and send us an eMail.

Ruff Cycles Shipping Calculator

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