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Classic and versatile frame with the right geometry also for longer cruises.

Available Versions:
» Dean
» Dean Aluminium
» Dean S
» Dean SE

  • Dean by Bor Vidovic

  • Dean S by CEM67 - France

  • Dean SE by Hogo Fogo Cycles - Czech Republic

  • Dean by Mark Yokoyama - USA

  • Tango by Andrey Prokhodtsev - Russia

  • Tango by Andy Dark - UK

  • Tango by JJ Ploium - USA

  • Tango by Jorge Santana - Mexico

  • Tango by Röder Bikes - Germany

  • Tango by The Cruiser Shop - USA


Riding the Tango can not be described in words. Just ride it, do it!

Available Versions:
» Tango
» Tango S
» Tango Promo


Relive the Boardtracking age! Your frame for vintage-inspired builds!

Available Versions:
» Porucho
» Porucho S
» Porucho Promo

  • Porucho by Chris Clark - UK

  • Porucho S by Ralph Deharde - Germany

  • Porucho Promo by Silly Bikes - Netherlands

  • Porucho by The Cruiser Shop - USA

  • Porucho by Venice Beach Bikes - USA

  • Basman by Eric Proto - USA

  • Basman by Ilya - Russia

  • Basman by Jim Aidound - Netherlands

  • Basman by Nico - France

  • Basman by Volker Pischel - Germany


A worldwide all-time favorite which never gets old! Straight from Amsterdam!

Available Versions:
» Basman
» Basman Inverted
» Basman Promo

Hard Time

„When I built the “Hard Time” frame, I was looking to create something simple with clean flowing lines.“

Dominick Guida
The Cruiser Shop

  • Hard Time by Clyde James Cycles - USA

  • Hard Time by Forged Custom Cycles - UK

  • Hard Time by Ralph Alquitela - USA

  • Hard Time by The Cruiser Shop - USA

  • Hard Time by Wes Coastin - USA

  • Smyinz by Gatz Cascais - Portugal

  • Smyinz by Guilherme Myr - Poland

  • Smyinz by Jerome Shrom - Belgium

  • Smyinz by Nadia Triquet - France

  • Smyinz by Sutter Street Cruiser - USA


The Smyinz frame is a lot of things but it is definitely not a quiet or shy one. You own the streets with this low sitting cruiser!


This legend reminds you of a strech-bicycle-frame from the past. Timeless, puristic and with style. “A true classic”.

  • Esco by Kenneth Brown - USA

  • Esco by Slawomir Wozniak - Poland

  • Esco by Wes Coastin - USA

  • Esco by Youri - Belgium

  • Hornet by DE HIFI - Germany

  • Hurricane by Zeptar - Germany

  • Lucky by Sutter Street Cruiser - USA

  • Lucky by Vincent Lepivert - France

  • Streamliner by Jens Kuempel - Germany

  • Streamliner Tim van Donk - Netherlands

Retired Frames

They are LEGENDS and won’t be forgotten. Who knows, maybe they will appear again, once in a while!


Handcrafting and welding awesome frames since more than a decade.
Ruff Cycles is your choice when it comes to quality, style and service!

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