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Now you have the chance to design your own bike right from your living room, your bed or from the toilet.
You decide the buildup, the color, the style and the accessories.

You wonder what your advantages are? You will immediately see the design of your bike, get a FREE powdercoating to each frame and FREE shipment worldwide (for consumers only).
Now get started and design your bad-ass bike!

And yeah, we got to celebrate this a bit! Our Ruff Visual Customizer won the Bicycle Brand Contest 2016 award! Read more about in our Blog!

STEP 1: Be creative!
Choose your custom bicycle frame and various parts in our Customizer. Just click on the part that you would like to modify or select it in the navigation below. Only parts are shown that fit with each other, this way you can be sure that all is compatible.

We offer a free powdercoating service, you can select from 20 different RAL colors.

The current price of your customized bike is always shown in the right bottom corner and to see the part list, click on the symbol on the right top.

You will see also items which you have not selected, but are necessary for the build up of a bike (tube, rim tapes, cable guides etc).
STEP 2: Each Customizer Bike has its own RUFF DNA
If you would like to share your customized bike with friends, you can save it on the left top, and a RUFF DNA will be shown. With the use of the RUFF DNA, your friends can check your customized bike from their PC’s and smart devices. Get their feedback and suggestions. On the left bottom you will find links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or send via email.

The RUFF DNA is useful since you can save your configuration and continue later.
STEP 3: Matching accessories and equipment for your customized bike!
With our selection of accessories you can further individualize your custom bike and fit to your need and comfort. Whether it is a cup holder for your cold drink on a sunny day, head badges to show your loyalty or locks in handcuff design - our selection is big!
STEP 4: Final check and off to the cart!
Do a final check of your order by clicking on the right cart button. We send out your customizer bike within 14 days, but also feel free to pick it up in Regensburg and pay us a visit.

You also have the option to get an assembled bike. After receiving it, you only have to adjust the handle bar and install pedals and seat.

The shipping of customizer bicycles is for FREE, you have to pay NOTHING, NADA! Be ready to get a big package from RUFF CYCLES!

PS: Don't forget to share your ideas with friends and get their opinions via social media or email.


Please follow the road safety rules and regulations of your country, before taking the bikes out to the road.

Customizer Video
Check out our Tutorial, where RC Founder Pero introduces his baby
Customizer Freight Box
Example of the packaging of the customized Bike
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