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“It has never been easier to create your own Custom Bicycle! Choose from our frames, powdercoating and parts and build your unique street machine! Save big bucks when purchasing a complete customizer bike!”

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» Simple and intuitive interface
» Award-winning customizer
» Save designs for later
» Share designs with friends
» Save big when purchasing a complete bike

Ruff Cycles Visual Customizer

Bicycle Brand Contest 2016

We are über-proud that our Ruff Visual Customizer has been awarded with the Bicycle Brand Contest Award 2016!

Ruff Cycles Customizer Bicycle Brand Contest Winner

Diese prestigeträchtige Auszeichnung wird vom Deutschen Designrat (gegründet 1953) verliehen. Der Bicycle Brand Contest wurde im Jahr 2016 uraufgeführt und ist vom deutschen Design Council bis hin zur gesamten Fahrradindustrie sowie allen Marken und Lieferanten anerkannt.

Der German Design Council ist eines der weltweit führenden Kompetenzzentren für Kommunikation und Markenführung im Bereich Design.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do the bicycles come assembled?
A: Within the European Union we offer assembly of the bikes for 99,95 Euro. Due to the high shipping costs, we can not offer this service outside EU yet. In this case, you should contact your local dealer.

Q: I want parts other than in the Customizer, how to do it?
A: You may contact our Customer service or your local dealer. Adding products is quite comprehensive, so not all new parts are immediately available there.

Q: Why is there a DNA to each Bike?
A: The DNA is the unique code for this bicycle. With this, you can save and recall the designs. It can also be shared with friends, so you can get their opinions.

Q: Why are some parts greyed out and not selectable?
A: The customizer is greying out items, which are available but not suitable for the current creation you have.


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