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Ruff products and Ruff Founder Pero Desnica were at the center of a highly acclaimed project which took the European bicycle scene by storm during the first decade of the new millennium. Their design and production competence turned the emerging trend of lowrider bicycles into immediate success.

The Ruff Cycles brand was later spun out when Pero Desnica decided to take the brand in a different direction, retaining and cultivating their core culture and their dedication to original design. Since 2012 Ruff Cycles is being operated as an independent brand - with the aim to offer lifestyle products.

Pero at the HBBC Cruise
Ruff Cycles Founder Petar Pero Desnica

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Since the start, Pero and his team are continuously working on new ideas and features to cater to the desires and needs of the custom bicycle scene. Even if projects seem unfeasible, the team does not rest until it is realized.

2015 has been an important year as we started to offer powdercoating and alloy frames, which are 70% lighter than steel frames and a, for this branch, one-of-a-kind Visual Customizer. With this tool, Ruff Cycles rings in a new era in the custom bicycle universe with a big bang!


We are building towards a legacy by focusing on our strengths - addressing mobility aspects as well as corresponding to trends in fashion and lifestyle.

By making all aspects of cycling more appealing Ruff aims to add to both the cause of environment and sustainability while at the same time bringing style, grace and credibility back to the streets.

Kustom Kulture
Kustom Kulture Forever 2015